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N.F.L. Week 2 Live: Scores, Highlights and Analysis

How to watch: Here is the Week 2 TV schedule and our picks against the spread.


N.F.L. Week 2 Top Story Lines

• All games count the same in the standings, but you have to assume the Minnesota Vikings signed Kirk Cousins at least in part so the veteran quarterback can improve their chances against the Green Bay Packers. And the former Redskin will get quite a test in his first installment of this longtime rivalry as all signs are pointing to Aaron Rodgers being able to play. ESPN has reported that Rodgers’ knee injury is fairly serious, and that it has been recommended that he sit out, but Rodgers beat Chicago on one leg last week and he will likely try to do the same at home against Minnesota this week.

• Among the significant injuries this week are the Falcons’ star running back Devonta Freeman (knee injury, expected to be out for 2-3 weeks); the Chargers’ standout defensive end Joey Bosa (foot injury that could keep him out until October); and Dennis Kelly, a tackle for the Tennessee Titans (virus). Kelly, a second-string right tackle, might not seem to be as big of a loss, but he was expected to start as both of the Titans’ starting tackles are out. The team will likely have to start Kevin Pamphile and Tyler Marz (who they just signed from the practice squad) against a Texans defensive line that includes J.J. Watt and Jadeveon Clowney.

• The Jacksonville Jaguars have a defense that excels at every level, home field advantage, and some momentum from a Week 1 victory, which had them in an ideal position to give the New England Patriots quite a fight in a rematch of last season’s A.F.C. championship game. Things could get complicated, though, as a result of significant injuries on both offense and defense.

• The Browns ended a 17-game losing streak last week — sort of — and the team has drawn praise for savvy personnel moves. But this week’s declaration that they would be cutting the troubled wide receiver Josh Gordon, reportedly because of a hamstring injury sustained during a photo shoot, was fairly shocking, and seemed especially impulsive when several teams immediately expressed interest in trading for Gordon in advance of the cut becoming official. Regardless of where he ends up, or the logistics of how he ends up there, Gordon will be one fewer big-play threat in the Cleveland offense.

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