Coronation Street spoilers Steve McDonald and Tracy Barlow's SHOCK wedding fire tragedy | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV -

Coronation Street spoilers Steve McDonald and Tracy Barlow’s SHOCK wedding fire tragedy | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

It’s safe to say Steve (played by Simon Gregson) hasn’t been fully committed to marrying his former flame Tracy (Kate Ford) on .

Having accidentally proposed to the Weatherfield florist, Steve found himself making plans as Tracy went full steam ahead with a very extravagant wedding.

Tracy only wants the best and went ahead with booking a castle as the venue for the wedding ceremony.

However, her heart is shattered next week when she discovers her dream venue has been destroyed by a fire.

The florist discovers the news when her brother Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) shows her and Steve a newspaper article about the unfortunate blaze.

Tracy is crushed by the news and Steve has to try his best to show his disappointment that the castle has been destroyed.

Steve hopes the fire will push back the wedding as his heart is not fully devoted to marrying Tracy, although he does love her.

Not one to be halted by hurdles, Tracy pursues with other plans for the upcoming nuptials and forces Steve to continue with his dance classes.

Having given Tracy an engagement ring which belonged to his ex Karen McDonald (Suranne Jones) who was also his fiancé’s arch nemesis, Tracy pushed Steve into learning an extravagant dance as his punishment.

Unwilling to participate in the first place, Steve is further humiliated when Mary Taylor (Patti Clare) and Abi Franklin (Sally Carmen) poke fun at him.

Tracy is still unaware her best friend Abi locked lips with her beloved when Steve tried to comfort the mother when she feared she had lost her young twins.

Not one to take things lying down, when Tracy finds out about the kiss, it may not be the fire that puts an end to their upcoming wedding.

With all the hurdles blocking their path to the big day, will the “happy” couple make it down the aisle?

The wedding isn’t the only problem on Steve’s mind next week as he reels from the news that his sister Hannah (Hannah Ellis Ryan) is alive.

His mother Liz McDonald (Beverly Callard) was unnerved when she discovered her daughter hadn’t died at birth as she was led to believe.

However the mother warmed to the idea she had her daughter back and wastes no time on doting on the young woman.

(Charles Lawson) who returned to the cobbles last week.

Steve isn’t fully convinced Hannah is who she says she is and he has every right to doubt his “sister.”

During Wednesday night’s double visit to the soap, viewers discovered Hannah wasn’t Liz and Jim’s daughter but actually a part of a bigger plan by Jim to ruin his family.

While he was in prison, Liz and Steve turned their back’s on the Irishman which led Jim to concoct a devious scheme.

Will Steve rumble the scheming pair and will his partner Tracy spot the signs having made many meaning plans in her time?

Coronation Street continues tonight at 7.30pm on .

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