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A Pitcher’s Dizzying Movement: Five Teams in One Season

From there, his schedule went like this: On June 16, he cleared waivers after being designated for assignment by the Angels and headed to Class AAA Salt Lake City, where he and Shannon found a short-term rental on Airbnb. On July 6, Los Angeles purchased his contract and the Drakes moved back into an Anaheim hotel. On July 23, the Drakes returned to Salt Lake City to clear out their rental there. On July 26, Toronto claimed him and he flew to Chicago to meet the Blue Jays.

Four days later, after Drake gave up three runs in his first appearance and retired both batters he faced in his second, the Blue Jays became the fourth club since May to move to cut him loose. The Twins claimed him Aug. 3, making Drake and Belisle, his former sublessor, teammates.

“I think what each team has seen, and we’ve seen now, is a set of pitches with underlying metrics that indicate he can be a successful major-league reliever, maybe more so than his surface-level stats,” the Twins’ Falvey said. Falvey attributed Drake’s troubles this year to bad luck and all the moving around; his .390 average on batted balls in play is by far the highest of his career.

Twins Manager Paul Molitor, who played for three clubs in his 21-year Hall of Fame career but never switched teams during a season, said he felt sympathy for Drake.

“Between talking to him about it some, and reading his comments when he had a chance to set a record if you will, you understand what a toll it must take on a relationship, as well as trying to become acclimated to new teammates on a regular basis,” he said. “But if you hold on to your goal of being a major league pitcher, you probably, maybe not gladly, but take on those things that come with all those transitions if you still get a chance.”

For now, Drake just wants to stay in one place for awhile.

“We stay positive with it,” he said, praising his wife’s patience. “We move when we move, and we stay put when we stay put. We try to enjoy it and have fun. We’ve seen a lot of different cities, experienced a lot of different organizations, trying to make the most of it.”

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